Subject: RE: ThunderLan network Card
To: 'Brandon D. Valentine' <>
From: Steve Foster <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 11/30/2001 19:23:06
Its a thunderlan, as the main chip on it, is the Texas Inst. thunderlan chip
(id: TNETE100A, ref:
A )


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Subject: RE: ThunderLan network Card

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, Steve Foster wrote:

>TI ThunderLan (Has Set Engineering Inc. on the PCB)
>100Mbs Ethernet Card
>SGI P/N 9210110
>under IRIX its called: gfe0

Is this a GIO32 card?  It would have to be to be in your Challenge S.
I've got tons of Phobos SGI fast ethernet cards, both EISA, GIO32 and
GIO64.  However, I've never heard of your ThunderLAN based board.  If
the fast ethernet controller onboard is supported by the tl driver under
NetBSD/i386 it's probably possible to convince that driver to attach to
the GIO32 bus.

>but other than that i have no info, appart from the Set Eng. link:

None of these links work for me.

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