Subject: Re: NetBSD on Indigo R3000???
To: mjpento <>
From: Gerald Heinig <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 05/05/2001 22:36:45
mjpento wrote:
> Hello folks,
>         I own 2 Iris Indigo R3000 systems. I was wondering if there
> is an effort to port NetBSD to this CPU. Although I think that Irix
> is an excellent version of Unix, I would really enjoy running NetBSD
> on these machines if that were possible. Does anyone have any
> information or links to a group or mailing list that is working to
> port this os to the R3000 Indigo?
> Thanks,
> Mike

Hi Mike,

There is an effort to port NetBSD to the Indigo R4000, but unfortunately not the R3000. Needless to say, the R4000 kernel won't run on your 3000 machine.
If you're interested in porting it yourself, that'd be pretty cool, but I warn you that you'll be needing info from SGI that won't be easy to obtain.