Subject: Re: Indigo kernel downloads, boots w/ FreeBSD, not NetBSD
To: Gerald Heinig <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 02/02/2001 12:49:20
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In message <>, you write: 

- -> > Now I just need to find out why the heck my PROM times out TFTP'ing large
- -> > files, as otherwise I'm stuck writing things into the volume header.  Also
- -> > anyone here have a quick lesson on reading the tracebacks, or why they're
- -> > purely numeric?
- -> 
- -> I get a similar problem trying to tftp a kernel from NetBSD on my PC. The id
- -> entical setup on FreeBSD works fine. Sounds
- -> like NetBSD tftp is, um, special :-)

Ahh!!  I figured it must be on the client side, rather than server, as some
of the I2 code (the diag. environment, for one) managed to TFTP just fine.
Since we have the source for the FreeBSD & NetBSD TFTPd's, I think this is
fixable!! 8-)

That's really good to know, since if I can tfp kernels to the box, it makes
my life much easier (no more booting IRIX to write new kernel into the vol.
header, pulling SASH & IDE out of volume header to make room for the NetBSD
kernel, ...).

- -> Anyways, my Indigo kernel now boots and crashes with a panic at pcierr. 
- -> I'll check that out.

Um, it sound like that shouldn't happen (no PCI in those, eh? 8-), which
probably means you didn't rip out enough O2 code.  Or, maybe pcierr() is
just poorly named.

- -> About the numeric tracebacks: don't know whether it's relevant here, but 
- -> surely if the kernel is stripped (as mine is, by elf2ecoff), you lose all 
- -> your symbols. Or does that only apply to userland progs?

True, and it seems my brain lost all its symbols too, as I realized this
right after I posted.  Next time, I'll think *before* I post 8-)

- --rafal

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