Subject: Re: elf2ecoff for Indigo kernel
To: Jeffrey M. Smith <>
From: Gerald Heinig <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 02/02/2001 00:52:38
"Jeffrey M. Smith" wrote:
> Gerald Heinig wrote:
> >
> > Hello Rafal (or anyone else..)
> >
> > Could you point me to where to get the elf2ecoff prog that does the correct little-endian to big-endian conversion.
> > I've now compiled and linked an Indigo kernel and I'd like to try it out on my Indigo.
> If I remember correctly, if you use sash to load, it will load the
> elf kernel for you.  This doesn't work directly from the old
> prom.

Hmm. But it'll be the wrong byte order ie. LE. I'd have to compile on my SparcStation, which means slinging off Solaris
and installing NetBSD, which I don't want to do if I can avoid it.
Rafal Boni had a version of elf2ecoff which did the byteorder conversion as well.
That would be cool.

> I believe the serial port is at a slightly different point in the Indigo
> kernel.  Enet and scsi dma descriptors are also different.  I've been
> off the list for a while, but my impression was that that hasn't been
> added yet.

I'm quite some way away from needing that at the moment. I'm just trying to build my own kernel, get it to load at the
right address and start executing.


> jeffs