Subject: Re: my O2 udpate.
To: Ken Wills <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 11/24/2000 13:48:56
At 03:20 PM 11/24/2000 -0600, Ken Wills wrote:
>* Matt Thomas <> [001124 00:50]:
> > After much effort, I just built a new -current kernel for my O2 natively.
> > NetBSD/sgimips seems to have several issues with my O2.  The first is that
> > clock interrupts doesn't seem to happen consistently.  My system constantly
> > loses time.  In fact, if I don't keep pinging the system constantly, the
> > system will eventually reset in watchdog timeout due to too much user time.
> > The other problem is while in 1.5A, the system usually could boot with the
> > ahc devices, in 1.5K the system just does a watchdog reset.
>I saw the watchdog timeout too, and just disabled it and recompiled. Mine 
>for anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes (unscientific measurments), before panicing,
>usually in the same place (I'll post my notes later today.) From memory it has
>problems in lockmgr (lockmgr no context or something). DDB shows always shows
>the same address, and I've been trying to figure out (fairly 
>unsucessfully), what
>to do from there. I did collect some information in DDB, that I will post 

As long as I keep pinging it, it will stay up for anywhere from 30 minutes 
to 3 hours.

>On another note, does anyone have swap working at the moment? I've tried 
>getting mine
>to see some, but without sucess - netbsd disklabel won't allow me to label 
>the disk,
>and SGI's fx doesn't let me do type 'swap' nearest thing is type 'raw'. 
>Anyone had any
>success with this (I want it for crash dumps).

I'm running diskless.  I've stopped using swap partitions and use swap 
files now.

>You look like you might have a problem in your kernel config file though:
> > vendor 0x9004 product 0x8078 (SCSI mass storage) at pci0 dev 1 function 0
> > not configured
>Are you sure ahc is correct in you config file?

I disabled ahc so I could boot.  So, no, there isn't a problem.

BTW, by the end of the days, I should have new .tgz's for sgimips.
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