Subject: Another newcomer...
To: None <>
From: Kalle Andersson <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 07/05/2000 21:58:05

Just wanted to introduce myselfand my motives to this list.

My name is Kalle Andersson, and I'm a fairly happy owner of a SGI Indigo
2 (R10000 @195MHz, 256MB ram and Solid impact gfx).

I was very pleasantly surprise when I heard about this project.

My "motives" are that I want to learn more about SGI machines, so I hope
this will be a perfect place to lurk in =)

How possible is it to set up a dual-boot environment on these machines?
I suppose it's easy if you've got two discs, then you can just swap
I'm asking since I'd really like to do what I can to help this project,
but I wouldn't want to go away from Irix.

I'm working on becoming a better coder, so please keep your code human
readable =)

Best regards
Kalle Andersson