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h we could

Wful still, and we'll have a nice ride over to East Milford, and Bunker
know a thing about it!"

"Oh, let's do it!" cried Sue, always ready to take part in

the tricks Bunny thought of.
"Let's do
it! I'll take my doll!" "And I'll take my little lifeboat. 'Tisn't all
made yet, but that won't hurt! Come on!" Quietly the two children
tiptoed down off the side porch. Through the open dining-room windows
they could hear Bunker Blue and Uncle Tad moving the sideboard. Out to
the barn went Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue. In the barn was the
ark--the big auto--as large as a moving van.
In it the whole Brown family had made a tour the previous summer. It
was like an ark, for it had rooms in it where the children and
could sleep, and a place to cook and eat meals. "Now don't

make any noise!" whispered Bunny to his sister.

"We'll just crawl inside the ark and cover up with blankets, and Bunker
won't know we're here. Then he'll start off
and when we get to East Milford we can----" "Oh, we can jump out and
holler 'boo!' at him an' scare him!"

laughed Sue, clapping
her chubby hands in delight. "Yes, we can do

that. But not now!" whispered Bunny. "Hurry up an' crawl in, an' don't
make any noise!" So the two children entered the ark by the rear door,
and found some blankets with which they covered themselves in two of
the bunks,
built on the sides of the big auto. What would happen next? CHAPTER II
THE FRIGHTENED PONY Bunker Blue came whistling out of the house. He and
Uncle Tad had moved the sideboard to the other end of the room, and now
Mrs. Brown and the hired girl were putting the place to rights. "Well,
I wonder where Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue have
gone?" said Bunker, aloud, as he stopped whistling. "I don't see
them," and he looked around. "I'd like
to give them a ride in the ark," he went on, "but their father
didn't say anything about it, and he might not like it. When the big
auto gets fixed then I can take them for a ride." Then Bunker went out
to the barn and took his seat at

the steering wheel of the ark. "Well, here I go!" he said

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