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Re: Enhanced Synology CS/RS support

David Brownlee wrote:

> I wonder how they compare powerwise to an HP microserver - which is
> around 150 GBP after cashback...
> I have two of the earlier model of http://www.ebuyer.com/281915

That's more a real server than a NAS, but good price.

A TS-559 has a 1.6GHz Atom (dual core), so it should be comparable. But the
price is much higher. I have seen it from 700 to 1300 Euro.

> Still, I'm getting away from port-sandpoint relevance :) I'd be quite
> curious to see how non power-of-two+1 RAID5 configurations stack up on
> the NAS boxes...

I would also be interested in somebody testing RAID5, or something with more
than 2 disks.

Frank Wille

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