Subject: the new charter for NetBSD/sandpoint
To: None <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-sandpoint
Date: 10/18/2007 23:08:57

NetBSD/sandpoint is now assigned a new charter.  This port
is going to cover a range of Moto/Freescale MPC8240/8245
equipped products;

- one of Moto/Freescale MPC8240/8245 eval, in specific, "SANDPOINT
- AmPro "ENCORE PP1" eval.
- a range of comsumer grade NAS box.

This port has been left in dark for long time and is now under
renovation work.  None of the above mentioned target has reached
at single user mode booting mile stone so far.  The first two are badly
suffered from "haunting southbridges" which were/are total nightmares
for many.  The last group would be rather promising since they are
very straight applications of 8240/8245 without any reckless attempts.
Then this port is now expected to become a host for popular and
inexpensive 8245 NAS products.  "sandpoint" name is honoured
since it was the first and is still floating around as a synonym 8245.

It remains undetermined whether this port will cover Freescale's
attractive 8313/8349 (SoC w/o QE) family.

in behalf of NetBSD/sandpoint portmaster, Toru Nishimura