Subject: Compiled List
To: None <port-s390@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Chris McKenzie <>
List: port-s390
Date: 11/27/2002 14:07:31
Alright, going through my e-mail logs I have found that the following
people seem to be interested in the port:

Myself, Christopher J. McKenzie
Hubert (family name not known)
Anthonia Sofia
Sridhar (family name not known)
Sebastian Krohn
Jose Correa

In order to go any further and figure out who can/should do what, it would
be nice if the people above, if still interested can post about how much
time and dedication they can give to the project and their background
coming into the project.

I myself have had limited experience with S/390 and have read about 3
introductory books on the architecture.  I have been hacking the NetBSD
kernel for about two years and am working on an emulator project.  In
january I hope to be going back to school which would mean that from then
until perhaps June I will have to be a nearly, if not entirely inactive

	Christopher J. McKenzie
	H: +1 818.9917724
	C: +1 818.4293772
	1815 Mesa Ridge Ave
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