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Re: boot image sizes for 9.x

On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 01:18:49AM -0600, T wrote:
> The install boot image (sysinst.fs) is, as of 9.0, too large to boot on the
> 43p 7248. This has also carried over to NetBSD 9.2, which causes the ISO to
> no longer boot, since that image is used in building the bootable section of
> the ISO. As mentioned in some prior posts here, there seems to be a 2MiB
> limitation on the boot image size.

Can someone explain the limitting issue?

> Sysinst does not currently produce a working PReP partition, because it uses
> the GENERIC kernel, which is too large.

For what value of too large? Which limit are we running against here?

Unfortunately my only prep machine died quite some time ago (though I still
have it, need to check if it is only the PSU that is broken and maybe I can
fix it).


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