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Re: 40p support broken since 3.99.22?

On Sun, Apr 9, 2017 at 3:03 AM, Christos Zoulas <christos%astron.com@localhost> wrote:
> In article <CACXAS8CZfhoGGoqrTHA3THBLZkvpr7ZzvZpKpq+CEHuv4EXTHw%mail.gmail.com@localhost>,
> Artyom Tarasenko  <atar4qemu%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
>>Does anyone use recent NetBSD versions on 40p (aka Sandalfoot,
>>6015/7020) machines?
>>After experimenting with NetBSD under qemu/PReP it looks to me like
>>the 40p support got broken quite some time ago with this commit:
>>Author: garbled <garbled>
>>Date:   Fri Jun 9 01:19:10 2006 +0000
>>    Completely rework how we look up PCI interrupts on prep:
>>    1) Rather than build an array of the pci->intr mappings, build a proplib
>>    tree.
>>    2) add a SIMPLEQ of device properties to the pci_chipset_tag to hold the
>>    proplib trees of each bus.
>>    3) Move the interrupt routing code from pci_conf_interrupt to pci_map_intr()
>>    4) Deal properly with non-native PCI bridge chips that are not recognized
>>    by the prep firmware, and therefore are not noted in the residual data.
>>    The major win of this restructure is #4. Hopefully I haven't broken
>>    anything. Tested on a 7248-100, 7043-140 and 7024-E20.
>>^^^ the SIMPLEQ called from the pci_intr_fixup_ibm_6015 causes a null
>>pointer dereference.
> Can you provide instructions how to reproduce this?

Just try to boot a NetBSD 4.0+ on a 40p machine.
For instance any of these images:

If I understand the code correctly it would crash before scanning the
PCI devices.


P.S. Please cc me in your replies. I've  nearly missed your message.

Artyom Tarasenko

SPARC and PPC PReP under qemu blog: http://tyom.blogspot.com/search/label/qemu

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