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VGA - which one works?

 I have 43p 240 and enjoying 5.1.2.

 The only strange thing is VGA - no one works.

 I have: ANOGXT800P Altera (original card from this RS/6000), OF works
with it, NetBSD - does not.
 S3s from PC, OF does not work with those (but NT/ppc does!) , netbsd
says "pci0 dev 1 function 0 not configured" , same it says on strange
CL-GD5430 based (probably from the other RS/6000, OF doesn't work with
it) dual-head card called Intense 3D CSMT 3800B // MSMT 380B.

 More, I tried ISA VGA and - ISA MDA (with kernel recompile; with this
configuration I've got ISA IDE working at least, so the ISA bus is
recognised ) - no way.

 And yes, I keep keyboard plugged in and tried GENERIC and
self-compiled kernels.

 I want at least wscons (and X too, a bit later).
 What card should I use of what to do with kernel?

 As about 43p 240, NetBSD 5.1.2/prep runs very well with one processor
plugged in and hangs most of the time on siop/esiop with both
processors. As I said, I got IDE ISA controller and VIA VT6202 USB PCI
card working as USB 1.1 (but not as 2.0) after kernel recompile.

jabber: dreadbit%jabber.ru@localhost /compatible with Google chat, yandex chat
and other modern shit/

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