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Quick IBM/NetBSD model reference

I've been asked by a few people, which port would run on various IBM RS/6000's,
this list is an attempt to clarify that.

PLEASE NOTE:  Just because a machine is in this list, doesn't mean the port
currently runs on it.  It just means that if it ever will, thats the port it
would be under, or if you wanted to try to port to one, that would be the port
you would want to use.  Supported machines are marked with a *.

IBM 4 digit code, and port
7006            *rs6000 (very preliminary support, not fully operable yet)
7007            rs6000
7009            rs6000
7011            rs6000
7012            rs6000
7013            rs6000
7014            rs6000
7015            rs6000
7017            ofppc
6020            *prep
7020            *prep
7248            *prep
7249            *prep
7024            *prep
7025-F30/F40    *prep
7025-F50        ofppc
7026-H10        prep (probably works, never tested)
7026            ofppc (all the rest other than H10)
7028            ofppc
7043-140        *prep
7043-150        ofppc
7043-260        ofppc
7043-240        (supposedly prep, possibly ofppc)
7044            ofppc
7046            ofppc

Quick Ebay hint, if its IBM, and it's a black machine, it would be ofppc.

As for Motorola machines, the story gets alot more complex.  Because most of
the Motorola machines shipped with multiple versions of available firmware, the
same model machine might require a different port to boot on, depending on what
firmware it shipped with, and even what revision of that firmware it shipped
with.  Most motorola machines would be covered by either prep, mvmeppc, or
ofppc.  (prep being the most likely)

Tim Rightnour <root%garbled.net@localhost>
NetBSD: Free multi-architecture OS http://www.netbsd.org/
Genecys: Open Source 3D MMORPG: http://www.genecys.org/

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