Subject: Re: Issues netbooting 7043
To: ober <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-prep
Date: 06/13/2006 23:09:36
On 14-Jun-2006 ober wrote:
> No the nfs root filesystem is a amd64.
> Not sure why the kernel looks for wd0a, as it has never been configured 
> accorrdingly.

on your NFS server (I assume the amd64 machine) whose IP addr is,
could you show me:

cat /stuff/prep/etc/fstab
file /stuff/prep/sbin/init
cat /stuff/prep/etc/ttys
ls /stuff/prep/dev

Also.. did you say previously that you can boot fine in single user, but if it
goes multi it dies?  That leads me to believe something in /stuff/prep is,
well, stuffed.  :)  What kind of prep userland is that?  Is it a 3.0 build, or
did you grab a -current snapshot.

Also.. one other thing that unnerves me.. I have a machine that NFS's root as
well..  and when I built that one, I had a mostly empty dev tree...IE:
polaris# ls /usr/src/distrib/dev
MAKEDEV         MAKEDEV.local   altq            fd              log

How did you build yours?  Did you run MAKEDEV from the amd64 box? When mine
boots, I get:

nfs_boot: gateway=
root on
root file system type: nfs
warning: no /dev/console
init: Creating mfs /dev (407 blocks, 1024 inodes)
Tue Jun 13 13:37:55 UTC 2006

And one final question:
boot device: ex0
root on ex0

Do you type that in, or is that automatically probed?  If thats automatically
probed..  umm.. wow.. thats cool.  :)  You *are* netbooting off the ex card,
and not the pcn builtin.. right?

My assumption is that your /dev/console device is broken, or your /etc/ttys
points to the wrong thing.. but I'm not entirely sure about it.

Tim Rightnour <>
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