Subject: Re: New PortMaster for NetBSD/prep
To: Tim Rightnour <>
From: Cory Bajus <>
List: port-prep
Date: 03/09/2006 10:13:28
On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 11:55:53AM -0700, Tim Rightnour wrote:
> I very much want access to a 7025 model machine.  The 7025 from my
> understanding is a dual-architecture machine, and the last in the prep line. 
> From what I've read about it, it has both the residual data that defines a prep
> machine, and open firmware.  Theoretically it could run either port-prep or
> port-ofppc.

What is the real status of port-ofppc?  I also have access to CHRP systems
such as 7026-H50, 7043-150, and other IBM hardware (including RS64, POWER3,
POWER4, and POWER5 systems).

> I would like to finish the other things on my todo list first.. but I do plan
> on taking the 7025 on in the future.

That's fine - I'll work on getting these 7025 systems configured for
remote developer access (including console and power control) so they
are ready when you (or other interested prep developers) are.

> If you wanted to get a jumpstart on it yourself.. here is what you can do, and
> what anyone wanting to port NetBSD/prep to thier machine should do:

Thanks for providing this info - I'll work on this and get back to you.