Subject: Re: NetBSD for RS6000 7011-250 (or -220)?
To: Stefan Tibus <>
From: Michael <>
List: port-prep
Date: 07/05/2004 11:39:18

>> Is the keyboard properly plugged in? These machines tend to switch to 
>> the serial console when they don't like what they find on the 
>> keyboard port.
> This is true, there also might be problems with current PS/2 type
> keyboards, getting an old IBM one should work (if you don't have the
> original RS/6000 keyboard).
Slightly off topic but just for the files and maybe it helps the 
original poster - while a good old IBM Model M keyboard works perfectly 
AIX doesn't like a Logitech wireless keyboard at all ( a USB thingie 
with a PS/2 adaptor, it's ok in OpenFirmware but AIX would switch to a 
serial console leaving the screen black with just an 
unmoving/unblinking cursor top left ).

hope that helps