Subject: Re: NetBSD for RS6000 7011-250 (or -220)?
To: Klaus Heinz <>
From: Michael <>
List: port-prep
Date: 07/04/2004 13:44:55

> Unfortunately I know nothing about RS6000 machines :-/. If I switch the
> machine on, the floppy gets accessed twice, the SCSI disk is powered up
> and some numbers flash on the front display. Using a 13W3-to-VGA 
> adapter
> for SUN machines the monitor does not get a signal.
Is the keyboard properly plugged in? These machines tend to switch to 
the serial console when they don't like what they find on the keyboard 
And these machines check their memory before activating any sort of 
console which can be quite unnerving if there's a lot or memory - just 
wait a while, maybe it comes up. ( I'm talking about a couple of 
minutes here, not more )
Dig through, there's a reference for all these codes somewhere, 
I don't have it here because my box doesn't have such a display.

> Is there some kind of BIOS/OpenBootProm or serial console? Should the
> 13W3-to-VGA adapter work?
Almost certainly, although on some RS/6000 the setup stuff was on a 
floppy if I remember correctly - never used them myself, only Motorola 
boxes with proper OpenFirmware that feels just like Sun...

good luck