Subject: Re: [Q] Support for Bull Estrella
To: Jonathan Belson <>
From: Klaus Klein <>
List: port-prep
Date: 04/21/2002 11:21:29
Jonathan Belson <> writes:

> A while ago I managed to get my hands on a Bull Estrella series
> 200 (100MHz 604, GD5434 graphic chip, symbios 53c810 SCSI).
> I spend an *extremely* frustrating couple of weeks trying to
> install Linux on it (turns out that the SCSI driver is broken
> for new kernels, and there's no X for old kernels )-:
> Can anyone tell me if NetBSD PReP will support this beast?
> It's quite old, but it's a nice bit of kit to play with...

NetBSD/prep does support that machine.

However, there's currently no release available with support for it in
it.  I'm in the process of (finally) producing a new binary snapshot
for it; the current hold-up is a problem with the release distrib
framework, but those should be resolved "soon".

> Also, does anyone know what kind of RAM the board takes? (It's
> 72 pin, but I don't know if it's parity/buffered/whatever).

All the information I can find in the board's manual is: 8--64 MB,
either with or without parity.

- Klaus