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Package binaries for NetBSD/powerpc pkgsrc-2017Q2


I've now completed a build cycle for pkgsrc-2017Q2 for powerpc on
NetBSD/macppc 6.1, 7.1 and 8.0_BETA (where I've cheated and
marked it as 8.0 even though it's built with the beta).

The total size and number of packages built is as follows:

6.1  16GB   14295 packages
7.1  23GB   16691 packages (17401 in dir, maybe some multiple versions)
8.0  24GB   16759 packages

Build reports for all of these have been sent to pkgsrc-bulk.

Some notable absences:
 * node.js doesn't want to build, and IBM who maintains the ppc
   code in Google's v8 (which is part of node.js) only cares for
   ppc64.  There's probably not much we can do here; maintaining
   a "separate" port will be expensive in terms of resources.
 * None of the openjdk versions have a working bootstrap, so
   packages wanting "proper Java" are not built either.  Perhaps
   most notable here is LibreOffice.  I may look closer at this,
   but no promises.
 * In the mozilla family, it looks like none of the various
   firefox versions want to build (there's a package file for the
   ancient firefox36 on 8.0, but it doesn't actually contain an
   executable for firefox).  Basically the same problem applies
   to thunderbird and seamonkey.


- Håvard

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