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re: sysinst disallows FFSv2 root (ofppc, evbppc)

> I understand the main points of FFSv2 are:
> - lazy inode initialization as opposed to at newfs time, which is better
>   for larger disks.

hmmm ofppc and evbppc with large disks is unlikely :-)

> - inlined symlinks, below some length ("maxsymlinklen")

ffsv1 has this.  they're just limited relatively.

> - on-disk time format is 64bit, but we will probably implement epoch
>   rollover for FFSv1 anyway, as some archs require it like shark whose
>   native bootloader(!) does FFSv1

shark:  not bootloader.  the firmware understands ffsv1.

there is also slghtly less data space less for users in ffsv2
due to the larger inodes.

it's cool if it works, but i'm not convinced it is good as the
default for these platforms.


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