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Re: (PReP 7248) battable address to align

| From: Makoto Fujiwara <makoto%ki.nu@localhost>

> Seems great.
> 2014-07-05 (6.99.46) kernel with this patch runs fine.

I should have attached the following results,

modena@makoto 10:23:06/140706(/export/src)% foreach i ( 
echo -n $i "\t"; ./obj/tooldir.NetBSD-6.1.4-amd64/bin/powerpc--netbsd-objdump 
-x $i | grep -i battable
sys/arch/prep/compile/obj/GENERIC/netbsd        0058f330 g     O .bss   
00001000 battable
sys/arch/prep/compile/obj/INSTALL/netbsd        00531de8 g     O .bss   
00001000 battable
sys/arch/prep/compile/obj/INSTALL_SMALL/netbsd  004d6228 g     O .bss   
00001000 battable
modena@makoto 10:24:35/140706(/export/src)% 

Thank you,
Makoto Fujiwara

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