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Re: Bad powerpc code with GCC 4.5.3?

matthew green wrote:

>> I tested ofwboot under ofppc, ofwboot.xcf under macppc and altboot
>> under sandpoint, and all of them immediately crash the machine!
>> Is anybody already investigating?
> hmm, i didn't check ofwboot itself.  i have been running gcc 4.5.3
> on my ofppc kernel & userland for a month or so now, without any
> problems.  so it's *mostly* fine.  i'll see about looking at ofwboot.

I justed tested a recent macppc kernel compiled by gcc 4.5.3 on a Pismo -
but with old ofwboot. It works fine. So you're right.

But what is causing all our boot loaders to fail? And not only ofwboot, but
also sandpoint's altboot, which is quite different.

Frank Wille

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