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Re: More DSI traps

On 4/3/11 3:13 AM, Frank Wille wrote:
Martin Husemann wrote:
I didn't try the G3, but I can reproduce the bug on my Sandpoint NAS:

syrinx# ./t_mutex mutex2
1: Mutex-test 2
expected_timeout: PR port-powerpc/44387
1: Thread 0xffe00000
2: Second thread (0xefa00000). Count is 10000000
(here it hangs forever)

To be clear, the mutex tests are very timing-dependent. I have not been able to get it to hang with, for example, a DIAGNOSTIC kernel. It fails on all three macppc machines I have (750, 7400, 7447A), but only when I don't have DIAGNOSTIC.

I haven't dug out my 604e (also macppc), though, either.


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