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Re: marvell relation support 20100413

KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:

>> One difference is that it reports
>>   gt0: id 3, 60x bus wdog=0x60ffffff,0
>> here, while it was "MPX bus" in your case. Could that be a problem?
> No problem.  G4 uses MPX bus.  G3 uses 60x bus.


> Can you operate the some registers?  (ex. GT_CPU_Mode,
> GT_CPU_Master_Ctl, GT_CPU_Cfg)

I printed those three registers during gt attachment and enabled DEBUG. Hope
this helps:

gt0 at mainbus0: MV6436x Discovery II
CPU_Mode=00000043 CPU_Master_Ctl=00000b00 CPU_Cfg=000020ff
gt0: id 3, 60x bus wdog=0x60ffffff,0
gt0: id 3, 60x bus wdog=0x60ffffff,0
gt0:      scs[0]=         0-0xffffffff
gt0:      scs[1]=         0-   0xfffff
gt0:      scs[2]=         0-   0xfffff
gt0:      scs[3]=         0-   0xfffff
gt0:       cs[0]=0xc0000000- 0x7ffffff
gt0:       cs[1]=0xc8000000- 0x7ffffff
gt0:       cs[2]=0xd0000000- 0xfffffff
gt0:       cs[3]=0xf0000000- 0x7ffffff
gt0:       bootcs=0xf8000000- 0x7ffffff
gt0:       pci0io=0x80000000- 0xfffffff  remap=0000000000
gt0:       pci0mem[0]=         0-0xffffffff  remap=0000000000.0x0000c000
gt0:       pci0mem[1]=0x90000000- 0xfffffff  remap=0000000000.0000000000
gt0:       pci0mem[2]=0x40000000-0x1fffffff  remap=0000000000.0x0000f400
gt0:       pci0mem[3]=0x60000000-0x1fffffff  remap=0000000000.0x0000f600
gt0:       pci1io=0xe0000000- 0xfffffff  remap=0000000000
gt0:       pci1mem[0]=         0-0xffffffff  remap=0000000000.0x00008000
gt0:       pci1mem[1]=0xd0000000- 0xfffffff  remap=0000000000.0000000000
gt0:       pci1mem[2]=0x60000000-0x1fffffff  remap=0000000000.0x00002600
gt0:       pci1mem[3]=0xf8000000- 0x7ffffff  remap=0000000000.0x0000ff80
gt0:       internal=0x10000000-0x10040000
gt0:       cpu0=         0-   0xfffff
gt0:        cpu1=         0-   0xfffffgt0: pipeline aack-delay conf-sb-dis

> Also, my patch re-write the GT_CPU_Cfg.

For I test I removed the two line which modify GT_CPU_Cfg. But it didn't
change anything, besides the line
  gt0: pipeline aack-delay conf-sb-dis
turned into
  gt0: pipeline

But that's to be expected.

Frank Wille

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