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Re: NetBSD on Nintendo Wii (PowerPC 750CL)

Harold Gutch wrote:

> Officially, Nintendo does not even allow running *any* unofficial
> code, so one would always have to rely on an unofficial way to run
> code on the Wii.  There are however a few possibilities to do this,
> even on the most up-to-date systems and even without opening the Wii.
> These then grant (at least to my knowledge) full access to the
> complete hardware.
> See the WiiBrew wiki ( http://www.wiibrew.org/ ) for a full
> explanation on all of the above (and lots more).

Wow, that's interesting!
The question is whether those holes will be closed, as soon as a new system
revision is released - as Sony did it with their PS3.

Frank Wille

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