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Re: MPC5200 support

Frank Wille wrote:
>Robert Swindells wrote:

>> I have put a tarball of new files and diffs on ftp.n.o that add some
>> support for the MPC5200 processor on the Efika board.

>Wow! Great! A dream comes true!
>I will see if I can help debugging in the next weeks. I have three Efikas
>waiting for an OS. :)

>> So far it boots to single user mode using a PCI Ethernet card and the
>> serial console.

>I have also seen drivers for ohci, cdm, bestcomm and ata. Do all of
>them work?


The cdm driver doesn't need to do anything, I just wanted to check
how the clocks were set up to try and track down why ohci locks up.

The bestcomm driver is just a placeholder for now.

The ata driver is closest to working, I think it needs some helper
functions like those in the ninjaata32 driver. It finds the disk but
interrupts time out.

>> A review would be welcome. I haven't debugged the uart driver yet so
>> the diffs contain code copied from sys/dev/ofw/ofcons.c, I'm not
>> planning on committing this part.

>Why was it necessary to include ofcons?

Because without it I lose any debug output. I have some ideas why but
haven't fixed it yet.

When the psc uart driver works then the ofcons code can be deleted. The
plan was to get to the point where I could telnet into it then fix the
uart code.

>> Testing some of the diffs against macppc to see that I haven't broken
>> anything would be helpful too.

>I just tried to compile a macppc generic kernel, but it fails because
>of the ofcons stuff in ofw_consinit.c:

Ok, thanks. I guess the next thing to try is a macppc kernel with
everything except the ofw_consinit.c changes.

Robert Swindells

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