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Re: standard runtime for (possible/hopeful) 64bit kernels

Martin Husemann said;

Both sparc64 and amd64 default to 64bit userland but provide -m32 support
to create 32bit binaries. ...
Of course this does not mean that ppc64 or mips64 would have to choose the
same default.

As a pipe dreaming, I'm inclined to 32bit userlands with 64bit kernel for them
since Linux/ppc64 and IRIX6 did so, however, some naive free software get
confused by uname -a result to determine which userland API to go.  I've
openSUSE11 for dualcore PPC970 PCIe PowerMac G5 at hard, and
occationally get tangled by poor configure script to choose 64/32bit env.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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