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Re: 850 IMMR SPR?

der Mouse <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost> writes:

> I've been noodling around trying to find stuff on the Web, with no
> success (not surprising; using the Web is difficult and unpleasant for
> me, so I'm not much good at it).  Anyone know where I could find the
> rest of the document that 850um_2.pdf is apparently just a part of,


and in particular, the full "MPC850 User's Manual" found at:


> any other reasonably complete documentation on the 850?  Failing that,
> is there by any chance someone up for explaining the IMMR and how it
> works?

I don't know the 850 particularly, but I've worked on several other
processors in that line, and many of them have the IMMR register or
equivalent. It's used to set the base address of the memory space that
the internal register space (SoC device registers, etc) occupies -
"Internal Memory Map Register".

        - Nathan

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