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Re: s3 product (Re: Xserver works on bebox with s3)


On Nov 25, 2008, at 1:13 PM, Tim Rightnour wrote:

On 25-Nov-2008 Michael wrote:
Turns out mine's a CL-GD5446, the label says 'MVGA-CL5446P'
It's got 2MB VRAM, no ROM ( socket's empty ), the AIX driver supports
8 bit only. Came in a PowerStack-II.

Yeah. The Cirrus cards seem to be what motorola chose. The ones I mentioned
were all from motorola boxes.

I was just looking at the IBM adapters book for the Matrox and S3 add-in vga cards. In both cards, IBM claims the cards can only do 8-bit color. It's possible they put a wierd dac on them. You aren't trying to run them at 16 or
24 bit are you?

IBM's Matrox cards ( not including the G200-based ones ) are castrated Millennium I with different memory ( EDO instead of the fancy dual- ported special stuff they use on the Millennium ) and a DAC that does only 8 bit. I don't have such a card but the AIX driver knows how to handle a real Millennium I - still only 8 bit though. If you give it a Millennium II you'll end up with a black screen. No idea about their S3 stuff but if Matrox made castrated variants for IBM, I'd guess so did S3. Also, the Cirrus board I have supposedly supports 24bit colour - I never tried it and the DAC is integrated. Of course it's 8 bit only in AIX.

have fun

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