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Re: new powerpc hardware

Allen Briggs wrote;

I was under the impression that the 440 was some kind of a PowerPC clone.

There are several different families of PowerPC chips.

The ones I can think of off-hand (I haven't done much with PPC lately):

I think there are at least three different "MMU architectures" in
Power/PowerPC and NetBSD currently supports only one of

1. OEA (correct term?) in the original Power aspect of address
space and PTE management; original PPC and G2/G3/e300/e600
2. MPC860 32bit software controlled i/D TLB management scheme.
3. BookE specification, simplied 32bit address space management
with software controlled i/D TLB.

In my knowledge the last one covers e500 and 440 while I am not
sure how close they are in pmap.c coding practice.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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