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Configuring compact flash on pcmcia

Didn't see this on the mailing list, so uncertain that the first got through -- 
please excuse any duplication.
        I have existing hardware with a pcmcia controller (i82365 class) that I 
need to configure compact flash devices on.  Presently, I've configured it:

        pcic*           at pci? dev 5 function ?
        pcmcia*         at pcic? controller 0 socket ?
        wdc*            at pcmcia? function ?
        atabus*         at wdc? channel ?
        wd*             at atabus? drive ? flags 0x0000

        This after poking around in items as diverse as i386 GENERIC and 
LAPTOP.  I'm looking for pointers to information about these types of 
configuration and possibly a sanity check (am I just way off).  Currently, 
finds the Compact flash device, but I can't mount it.  I end up with streams of:

        __wdcwait: timeout (time=11), status ff error ff (mask 0x48 bits 0x40)

(I'm dropping out some of the other prints for clarity).

- bob

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