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Re: can NetBSD work on Power Macintosh 6100?


On Nov 4, 2008, at 8:25 AM, Havard Eidnes wrote:

Hi everyone,
someone donated me a very old Power Macintosh,
I know it's completely useless but i was wondering if it is possible
to install there any version of NetBSD or MkLinux just to play with
I'm also interested in learning about porting NetBSDand low level os


according to the macppc model support page we maintain (linked
from the macppc port page) at


the 6100 unfortunately falls into the "we don't support it
because it does not use OpenFirmware" category.  That's at least
unlikely to change in the short term (and I'm not aware of anyone
working to fix it).

It also falls into the "we don't support it because it's a NuBus box" category.

As for other OS variants and whether they support it, I'll have
to say "pass".

IIRC MkLinux is the only free unixish OS that supports it.

In other news - we do have 601 support for quite some time now, the chipset in these Macs should be rather similar to those used in some Quadras - what's missing is a boot loader that works on PowerPCs. Didn't someone work on NuBus PowerMac support a while ago?

have fun

PS: I have no such hardware so everything I say is 2nd hand at best.

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