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Re: when and how to enable caches

On 25-May-2008 Frank Wille wrote:
> But now the system dies somewhere in pmap_bootstrap(), which it survived
> without caches. I had redirected the msgbuf to a safe place, so I can analyze
> it after a crash. What I see there, with PMAPDEBUG=BOOT, is *very* strange:
> [...]
> fff605e0:  20622d61 7661696c 5b305d20 73746172   b-avail[0] star

Is 0xfff anything a safe place?  You have ram that far up?  On most machines
that area is all reserved for firmware and other things.

Does amgiappc have a bootloader, or does it somehow launch the kernel directly?
It might be worth trying to enable cache in the bootloader instead.

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