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PowerPC TODO list

I'd like to start a todo list for all of the powerpc ports, and the cpu arch
itself, just so we can keep track of all the things we'd like to see happen,
and perhaps so others can pick up some of the work and join in.  Please reply
to this with anything you'd like to add, and I'll try to maintain this list,
and post it as a periodic reminder.  Here is what I have so far.  Other ports,
please chime in!

Powerpc Todo list:

Unify ofwboot more.  Share code better between macppc/ofppc.  (maybe non-ppc 
ports too)

Move prep/rs6000/bebox over to the unified mkbootimage in powerpc/stand.

Make a bootable CD for prep.

Implement millicode for ppc.  Use it to provide alternate mem* functions
for the 403 cpu, which cannot utilize the new asm versions.

Floppy support for ofppc.

Audio support for IBM/RS6000 on ofppc.

bus_dma backend for port-rs6000.

64bit kernel support.

ofppc support for POWER4/POWER5 class machines.

SMP support for prep. (icky)

Look into fast soft interrupts.

Look into new rwlock stuff.

Power management for prep.

envsys drivers for IBM RS/6000's on ofppc (using rtas).

rasops/genfb driver in libsa to allow ports like prep/bebox to talk to
the vga console early.

SMP support for bebox.  (icky?)

Fix build of ofppc to put ofwboot and kernel images in installation directory.

Make ofctl work on ofppc.

POWER2 pmap support. (icky)

Tim Rightnour <root%garbled.net@localhost>
NetBSD: Free multi-architecture OS http://www.netbsd.org/
Genecys: Open Source 3D MMORPG: http://www.genecys.org/

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