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Re: deadlocks

Michael Lorenz wrote:

>> [...]
>> deadlocks on my PowerMac single-G4 with NetBSD 3.1 from time to time.
>> I already reported that to you some time ago, and suspected it has to do
>> with the mac-audio driver. Now it looks to me that it is caused by  
>> high network load.
> That seems more likely, I haven't seen any awacs-related problem for  
> years.
> What kind of network controller do you use? My G4's got a gigabit  
> gem, no problems so far and I've been torturing it quite a bit.

It's a 100 MBit GMAC (although it's only allowed to run at 10 MBit in my
net, because it is on a hub together with some Amigas):

PCI configuration registers:
  Common header:
    0x00: 0x0021106b 0x84a00016 0x02000001 0x00001008

    Vendor Name: Apple Computer (0x106b)
    Device Name: GMAC Ethernet (0x0021)
    Command register: 0x0016
      I/O space accesses: off
      Memory space accesses: on
      Bus mastering: on
      Special cycles: off
      MWI transactions: on
      Palette snooping: off
      Parity error checking: off
      Address/data stepping: off
      System error (SERR): off
      Fast back-to-back transactions: off
    Status register: 0x84a0
      Capability List support: off
      66 MHz capable: on
      User Definable Features (UDF) support: off
      Fast back-to-back capable: on
      Data parity error detected: off
      DEVSEL timing: slow (0x2)
      Slave signaled Target Abort: off
      Master received Target Abort: off
      Master received Master Abort: off
      Asserted System Error (SERR): off
      Parity error detected: on
    Class Name: network (0x02)
    Subclass Name: ethernet (0x00)
    Interface: 0x00
    Revision ID: 0x01
    BIST: 0x00
    Header Type: 0x00 (0x00)
    Latency Timer: 0x10
    Cache Line Size: 0x08

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