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Re: Re: About Kurobox

On Tue, Apr 01 2008 - 13:38, Michael Lorenz wrote:
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> Hello,
> On Apr 1, 2008, at 12:54, Joel CARNAT wrote:
>> Searching "Kurobox Izumi Tsutsui" in mail-index didn't point me to any
>> success story. The thread named "msk(4) require to sync status buffer"
>> refers to a Kurobox Pro, which is ARM. Mine is PPC.
>> If you know some other thread dealing with Kurobox, I'll be happy to
>> read it - and apply/test whatever exists ;-)
> Yesterday, in this thread:
>> It seems sandpoint already supports KUROBOX with
>> different implementation from the patch.
>> (see sandpoint/pci/pci_machdep.c)

Erf... I didn't get this one as I've not subscribed to the list :-/

> So I guess it's partially supported ( or partially unsupported, depends if 
> the glass is half full or half empty ).

As far as I understood, it's half-empty.
But I'll try to boot a HEAD/sandpoint kernel and see if SSH comes up.


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