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Re: proposal: millicode

Tim Rightnour wrote:

> Millicode, is the IBM term for routines that are implemented by the
> operating system, and provide simple services to the OS, essentially, like
> a second layer of firmware.
> Millicode works similar to a shared code page. You write some assembler
> code to perform some kind of function, place it at a fixed physical offset
> in ram, and then when you need to invoke it, you simply ba to that
> address.
> [...]

Sounds like a great idea to me. I'm all for it!

Are there already known fixed offsets, which are used by other operating
systems, or do we choose them as we like?

And please keep in mind that there may be powerpc-ports which cannot
operate in low-exception-vector mode (MSR bit 25), like amigappc.

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