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Re: New portmaster for NetBSD/ofppc[SEC = UNCLASSIFIED]

ofppc:  CHRP (OpenFirmware) based RS/6000's. Generally black machines.

Fantastic news.
My black /chrp (darth vader looking) box awaits!:)

Thus far i've managed to get gentoo linux on it.
But I struggled to get any IBM graphics card support in linux.

Having NetBSD on it would be very exciting indeed.
(favorite and main OS here).

I'm no kernel hacker but if you need anything tested on mine
I'd be glad to help.

PS here's a quick tip, to get the open firmware to boot I
HAD to use a boot partition that was small. Like 2 meg or
something off hand. Anything bigger and the open firmware
would spit the dummy and with zero error messages.

Good luck, cheers,

Tim Rightnour wrote:

> On 09-Jan-2008 doomwarrior wrote:
> > I'm a little bit confused, isn't he NetBSD/prep responsible for RS6000?
> It is slightly confusing. Here is the breakdown for IBM RS/6000 machines:
> ofppc:  CHRP (OpenFirmware) based RS/6000's. Generally black machines.
> prep: PReP based machines.  Beige with PCI.
> rs6000: (in progress still)  Beige with MCA.
> The differences in the machines is basically the firmware they ship with, and
> that is the dividing line for which port they run.  This is generally the case
> with most of the PowerPC ports, the firmware is what divides them up.
> Anything reasonably new from IBM will be targeted on ofppc, as they stopped
> shipping PReP based machines many years ago.
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