Subject: ppcoea-renovation branch merged
To: None <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 10/17/2007 13:17:05
The ppcoea-renovation branch has been merged into netbsd-current today.

This branch was a complete cleanup of the many different OEA-cpu based powerpc
ports that are present in NetBSD.  Some of the features included in this branch:

Unified isa and pci code for the different platforms.
There is a basic set of general routines which should work on most machines,
however, for the ones that require special handling, it is easy to override
these and provide port-specific routines for only those routines that need to

Unified PIC/interrupt controller and IPI handling.  
Many of the ports had near-identical code in the extrintr.c files, where the
only changes were to deal with machine specific differences, or different
interrupt controllers.  A new system was developed where a general pic handler
is installed, and various pic drivers are initialized on a per-port or
hardware-probe basis.  This allows all of the ports to share not only base
interrupt code, but the specific code for each PIC as well.  Any port that has
special PIC needs, can supply a set of pic routines to provide this support.

Unified startup and timecounter code.
All ports converted to rennovation share timecounter code, and many of the
ports share some of the early statup via common routines.  For example the
bebox, prep, and ibmnws port all have a PREP memory map, so rather than define
this in machdep.c for every port, we now define it in powerpc/oea/prep_machdep.c


ofppc was significantly retooled as part of the renovation.  It is not
currently complete, and still needs much work to be a viable port.

pmppc was removed as a port, and is now a kernel config in evbppc.

bebox is still not fully converted, more work is still pending there.

no attempt was made to renovate amigappc.

Please report any compilation or use problems to port-powerpc, work on these
ports is still ongoing.

The following people contributed to this branch:  (apologies if I missed anyone)
Matt Thomas
Tohru Nishimura
Michael Lorenz
Jaime Fournier
Robert Swindells

Tim Rightnour <>
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