Subject: ppcoea-renovation update (hackathon6)
To: None <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 05/04/2007 00:16:11
This is a quick update of the branch status, as well as the results from the

1)  extr_intr unification.  Mostly done.
Prep and macppc have been converted to the new shared pic code.  Generic
handlers have been written for i8259, prepivr, and openpic.  Still remaining is
conversion of other ports.

2) clock.c. Done.  new one is in powerpc/clock.c.  Still need to convert more
ports over to using it.

3) shared pci code.  The code is in place, so far prep has converted.  Still
remaining is to convert the rest of the ports over.

4) Shared isa code.  Partially done.  It looks like we will have to implement a
scheme similar to the shared pci code.  Still need to solve a few problems
here, but the shared pic code gets rid of most of the isa dependencies that a
port had.

Even though the hackathon is officially over, the branch is still open, and
work continues.  Now that macppc and prep are mostly converted, these can serve
as examples to anyone wanting to try to take on a port.

Tim Rightnour <>
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