Subject: Re: evbppc reserved-tlb cleanup
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 09/24/2006 22:07:59 wrote:

> Hmm, can you try moving consinit() after TLB setup? It doesn't matter
> whether you try with or without my patch. After recent mapiodev() changes,
> bus_space_map() must be called after reserved TLB entries were filled
> (back then, I overlooked Explora451 calls consinit() earlier than that,
> sorry for breakage).

I moved consinit() right after set_tlb()s in explora/machdep.c:bootstrap(),
now kernel got the following panic:

panic: mapiodev: no TLB entry reserved for 740000c0+2
Stopped at	0x2698fc:	lxz	r0, r1, 0x14

It looks pckbc also needs to be mapped.
Izumi Tsutsui