Subject: Problems installing on PCI G4
To: NetBSD powerpc <>
From: Pelle Johansson <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 03/07/2006 13:57:00

I've run into a problem installing NetBSD 3.0 on my PowerMac G4 (pci  
graphics, OF 3.0).
It seems that to boot NetBSD on this machine, I have to use a HFS  
boot partition. However, my Open Firmware is not able to read HFS+  
partitions (it get's the normal HFS part) and I have no way of  
creating a normal HFS partition.

What's the best way to get around this problem, should I try to dig  
up some cd with old MacOS, or is there a simpler way?
Pelle Johansson