Subject: Re: Freescale 7448 eval board
To: Steven Grunza <>
From: Dan Malek <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 01/30/2006 18:49:58
On Jan 30, 2006, at 2:33 PM, Steven Grunza wrote:

> My understanding is that Freescale takes the current U-Boot and 
> internally (not available to people outside Freescale) modifies it to 
> work on new boards with the intention of eventually making the new 
> code public.

If it's not already in public sources, it's available for download from 
web site.  Freescale doesn't ship anything with GPL code without the
source also available. There is also quite a bit of public source
available for various combinations of 744x and Tundra or Marvell
host bridges.

Have fun!

	-- Dan