Subject: Re: boot NetBSD using u-boot
To: None <>
From: Doug Fraser <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 10/06/2005 14:12:40
Hello Allen,

Your statement about SDRAM is correct, I was just pointing out
that his firmware, Das-U-Boot, or whatever, also has to set up
the PCI mapping (if that applies) as well as any chip select
mapping that is supported by the chip.

Typically, the code in the machine dependent portion goes back
and maps that space into the virtual memory by reading back
what is configured into those regions by the boot monitor.

One question from me, is this well documented anywhere in the
NetBSD document pages? In particular, the desired memory layout
and minimum boot monitor requirements? I had some help from
Matt Thomas (on shoving all hardware into high memory), but
mostly I had to shovel through a lot of code. If there is no
documentation, that is sad, but it is what it is. If there is a document
that describes the above, it would be nice to see a pointer to it.

Also, I assume there is one story for PPC, one for ARM, one for MIPS .....