Subject: RE: IBMNWS multi user mode & vga console
To: Erik E. Fair" , "beba <>
From: Pangrazio, Robert Thomas (UMR-Student) <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 08/23/2005 17:19:05
I would be interested, as I would like to use them as a cheap cluster
test environment. Does anybody have a clue how to obtain this


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Subject: Re: IBMNWS multi user mode & vga console

Last I knew, this port was serial-console only; John hadn't managed=20
to figure out where the S3 video chip lives in the machine's address=20

I have a pile of these that I will be setting up in my network in the=20
next month or three, so you're not the only one interesting in=20
getting that problem fixed.

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