Subject: Questions about Performa 6360.
To: None <>
From: pyrotek <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 04/20/2005 17:30:53
Hello all,

I have a few questions regarding this mac and NetBSD.

1) Are Comm Slot 2 Ethernet cards supported if so what ones or all?

2) Are PCI SATA cards supported or just PCI IDE cards?

3) With console boot can I use the port on the back that has a little
printer diagram above it?

If not where is the serial port?

Why I as the two questions is that I need an NFS server.
I obtained this machine for free, rather saved it from the bin.

If Comm slot Ethernet cards are supported I can add in a PCI IDE card
make up an external drive box and use a large 120 or up gig hard drive.
I only have an 8 or a 10gig to put in as the system drive to replace the
apple drive.
I figure this machine has boot drive size limitations.

Thanks for your time everyone,