Subject: mpc8xx
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 04/10/2005 17:05:48

Just subscribed back to this list since I took out my
old mpc8260 boxes to have it another go...

I know it has been asked around 27351 times here regarding
mpc8xx ports but no one ever told that it works...

The only sources to be found are the mpc860 patch against
an unknown version of NetBSD and the ent-8260 port...

Also there seems to be no SMC drivers around...only
SCC for console...but my boxes can support both...

Plan to sponsor some dedicated webspace with a good
dmainname for it for the mpc8xx porting efforts
if anyone would also like to contribute...maybe
someone has a good idea for a domain name?

Since u-boot supports loading of ELF images...
would it still need some 2st-stage loader to load
the ELF netbsd kernel?

best regards