Subject: RE: Support for Marvell Discovery II MV6436x System Controller?
To: palle <>
From: Fraser, Doug <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 03/22/2005 21:08:02
ev64260 port under evbppc works fine on the marvell evaluation card.
We have also ported it to other 64260 based boards with little effort.
The GT driver is a bit buggy but usable. Heck, the chip itself is a bit
Marvell has lots and lots of documentation but you have to sign an NDA
to get access to it. A real bummer yes, but once you do have access they
have chip docs, sample code, and (gasp) errata listed right there for =
to see.
Getting a login may take a couple of days. Be patient and persistent.
They watermark all the docs, so if you pass them around, they'll know
very well where they came from. So don't.

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Subject: Support for Marvell Discovery II MV6436x System Controller?

As part of an effort to get NetBSD running on the Pegasos platform using =

non-OpenFirmware drivers, I am investigating the MV6436x System=20
Apparently there is currently no support for MV6436x=20
( =

There is some code suporting the MV64260 (gt driver) in=20
sys/dev/marvell/... and sys/arch/evbppc/ev64260...
Does anyone know the state/quality of the MV64260 code? Would it be a =
starting point for extending the gt driver with support for the MV6436x.

Any docs available for the MV6436x somewhere?

Palle Lyckegaard

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