Subject: Pegasos port freezes at uvm_km_alloc1
To: port-powerpc <>
From: Frank Wille <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 12/07/2004 22:13:33

Yesterday I started to port NetBSD to the Pegasos (II) hardware,
based on the ofppc code.

but the system freezes at the end of uvm_km_alloc1(), while trying
to clear the first page of kernel memory with memset().

I have experimented with different segments. Starting with the
default USER_SR=11,KERNEL_SR=13,KERNEL2_SR=14 over KERNEL_SR=14,
KERNEL2_SR=15(also tried 14) to USER_SR=5,KERNEL_SR=6,KERNEL2_SR=7.
Always the same effect.

The memory layout is (according to OpenFirmware):
00000000-10000000   256MB RAM
80000000-c0000000   1st PCI region
c0000000-e0000000   2nd PCI region (vga)

According to PMAPDEBUG:
vm_physmem[0]: 01800000-0fbfe000
vm_physmem[1]: 0053d000-01000000
vm_physmem[2]: 00240000-00400000
The kernel was loaded to 0x400000-0x53d000.

What could I check next? Any help is appreciated.

BTW, is it possible to disable KERNEL2_SR? Why is it needed?
From powerpc/oea/pmap.c line 3174 it looks like not-defining the
macro would not set up the segment, but then there is also a
direct reference to KERNEL2_SR in line 2024... :|

Thanks in advance.

   _  Frank Wille (
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\X/   Phx @ #AmigaGer